Muskegon High School

 School Songs


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Alma Mater mp3


Here’s to a campus that is beautiful to see.

With lawns so green and trees so tall,

All dear to you and me.



Here’s to the school we love,

The fairest of the fair.

Muskegon High, to all of us,

Is far beyond compare.



Sing with voices loud and clear

Make them reach the sky.

To this the school

We hold so dear,

Our own Muskegon High.


Men in Red and White mp3


When you see those teams

In red and white, cheer, cheer

Cheer them in their fight

For M.H.S. so dear.


They've made Muskegon

A place of fame,

Conquering their foes in

Most every game.


Come on gang

We're here for you

And we'll see you through.



Fight - fight - fight - fight

(repeat first stanza)



On Muskegon mp3

On Muskegon, on Muskegon

Fight right through that line.

Take the ball around the goal

It’s a touchdown sure this time




On Muskegon, on Muskegon

Fight, fight for your fame.

Fight fellows, fight, fight, fight

We’ll win this game.