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Muskegon Middle School

The Muskegon Public Schools aim to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and compassionate young people.

By partnering with families, communities, and other organizations, we encourage our students to embrace the diversity of all people.

Through the provision of a rigorous, international curriculum, students are challenged to achieve mastery of essential skills while fostering understanding and respect.


Vision, Mission, and Belief Statements

Vision Statement

The staff of Muskegon Middle School recognizes students as individuals. The staff is committed to creating an environment in which students maximize their academic skills, create strong relationships with each other as well as adults, continue to learn to use problem-solving as a means to achieve goals, and prepare for post-secondary education.To this end, the staff of Muskegon Middle School will use student performance data to meet students' academic needs within the multiple tiers of support; use specific instructional practices to maximize student learning; institute positive behavior support for all students; model and teach important life skills-building quality relationships, fostering health, wellness, and safety; and focus on meeting all students' academic and personal goals.

Mission Statement

The mission of Muskegon Middle School is to develop independent, adaptable, motivated, goal-oriented, academically-prepared, and respectful young adults.

Belief Statements

We believe all students are capable of high achievement from consistent effort; therefore, we will encourage students to meet expectations of excellence.

We believe students learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process; therefore, we will promote active learning and be responsive to student interests and allow students to make choices.

We believe students should develop the capacity to be self-directed learners; therefore, we will teach students to use their time productively to select challenging activities and to learn independently.

We believe students need close relationships with adults and peers; therefore, we will foster the student's ability to communicate and trust, so the student's personal and academic growth is developed.

We believe students should be contributing members of both the school and larger community; therefore, we will nurture a sense of community and individual responsibility for the community.

We believe adolescence is a period of significant physical, social, and emotional change; therefore, we will educate students about those changes in a caring environment, which builds self-confidence through self-awareness.

We believe each student is unique; therefore, we will challenge and stimulate all students, recognize and address individual needs, and help them to learn to advocate for their individual needs.

We believe students must be prepared for a future of rapid and global change; therefore, we will foster the abilities to reason, solve problems, and use technology as a significant tool for learning.

Student Activities for 2014-2015

Important School Documents and Sports Schedules

Muskegon Middle School Student Handbook, 2014-2015 PDF Document

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