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November 4th, 2008  11PM EST


      Every year, the month of February marks the beginning of Black History Month in our country.   This web site was created to become a place to celebrate African American History, all year long!  To explore such a topic on the Internet is almost overwhelming.   If you were to run a search in GOOGLE,  you could access almost 5 million sites with references to Black History Month.  If you searched GOOGLE using, Black History,  you would get over 26 million sites pertaining to Black History.  We do realize we can't list all the Internet addresses that could do this site justice. This site was compiled from searching the Internet and listing just a small percentage of what is out there.  Its only purpose is education and entertainment.  Please be advised,  this is an interactive site.  Every picture clicked will take you to a new window,  and to a new web site.  Some sites may require a high-speed connection to run properly.   If a link doesn’t work, simply close that window to return here,  and try another.  There are literally hundreds to choose from.  

     We are asking your help to make this a great educational site for everyone with your feedback.  If you know of a site we should include,  please e-mail us with the address and we will try to place it on this page.  Help us create a page that students everywhere can use for information or education, or just for the fun things they can do when they visit here.


Let's join together and create an educational website that anyone can visit and share with others....... on any day....... during any month...... for many years to come!



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Patch Work

Links to Black Inventors

Click to Meet  Modern Traffic Light invented by Garret Morgan   Garret Morgan

Black Inventors  A - Z  

Extraordinary Inventions 

The Museum of Black Inventors

Black American's OnLine Museum

Faces of Science  Princeton University

Top 10 African-American Inventors

African American Inventors


 Click to view George Washington Carver's Life

George Washington Carver

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Gale-Group Free Resources

Black History Timeline


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Benjamin Bannaker Inventor

Benjamin Bannaker





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