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Room 147 

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 2010-2011  School Year


McLaughlin School


Muskegon, Michigan

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Room 147

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Room 147


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New Additions for Our Phonics

We just received our new supplies from Zoo Phonics.

Activity sheets, Zoo Phonics Bingo, Gordo's Banana Party and a new DVD!

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Zoo Phonics Power Point Slideshows

Part 1  A to M   

Part 2  N to  Z  

The finished version of  "The Zoo That Moves," is available upon request.

It is a Power Point presentation that includes a short movie clip, that goes with every letter. 

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West Michigan - A Great Place to Live

Muskegon's Summer Celebration

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Getting HERE

Grand Valley State University

Inside Lubbers Field @ Half Time

Move mouse, right or left to view around the stadium.


Mr. Sprecken played Defensive End on GVSU's 1st Football Team



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Mr. Gary Sprecken

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I am Gary Sprecken,  Room 147's Classroom Teacher.

My Very Helpful Classroom Assistant is Mrs. Diane Murray-McKinley.



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